Silvana Rigobon - Movement Medicine Berlin
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Silvana Rigobon

My name, Silvana, means of the Forest. I love trees with deep roots. I am Italian, based in Verona, nomad at heart.
I am a Dreamcatcher in Movement. I trained with Ya’acov and Susannah Darling Khan as Movement Medicine Teacher ( and with Alexandra Pope as Menstruality Educator ( My background is in communication and I collaborated with international institutions in the field of global health for several years.
My main ongoing project, Women who dance with the Wolves, started in 2012. It’s an invitation to connect with the wisdom that comes from within, and it weaves together, metaphorically and literally, the stories and the roots of women from various countries: from Italy, my land, to Lithuania, France, Belarus, Hungary… and more to come. Le fil rouge of the project is the awareness of the menstrual cycle as tool of empowerment for women, through the movement. My dream is to share this dance with women in Sarajevo, in Jerusalem, in Palestine, in refugee camps. And with institutions and organizations that work on female empowerment.
In the incubator, two other projects.
Dancing for CommuniTree will focus on fundraising for the Rainforest, the Big Lung of our planet, and on bringing awareness on the interconnection of all beings, for all our relations, for our Ancestors and for the generations to come.
From I_llness to WE_llness, to include the heart in the professions that focus on healing the body.