Susannah Darling Khan

Susannah has been in love with life on earth since she was a small girl. She is a clear and compassionate teacher and human being. Her passion, love and commitment for life is infectious and is reflected in her care for each dancer and for the planet we call home. She is a dancer, singer, writer and teacher whose integration of physical, emotional and conceptual awareness creates a fertile field of possibility. Her background is in Anthropology, Gestalt Psychotherapy, and Family Constellations. Her seven albums are available from the Movement Medicine Shop.

Susannah creates a hallowed space. Her teaching has enormous lucidity; it’s both subtle and simple. I feel in safe, respectful hands. She brings a lovely balance between cool, clear muscular thought, quick humour, joy and a wild daring: a graceful marriage between mind and body, masculine and feminine, sensitivity and innate authority.
Susan Law, Psychotherapist and Trainer
More informatin on her website.