The Fabric of my Soul - Movement Medicine Berlin
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The Fabric of my Soul

The Fabric of my Soul

10. April 2020 – 14. April 2020 ganztägig
Schluesshof Lychen
320 € ohne Kost und Logis Frühbucher
Kathrin Keller

The Fabric Of My Soul

To dance is to awaken to the fullness of our souls calling. To inhabit this calling as fully as possible means to embody our potential, in a way that is ours to do and only ours to do. It does not come from dogma, it does not come from any one else’s ideal of who and what we should be doing. It is a personal relationship with a  consciousness that inhabits the very essence of our being, the innocence (inner – sense) that is innate within us. Calling ourselves home we learn to materialise our passion and our potential into a healing, embodiment source for others, we become an inspiration for the growing members of our community. (an in-spirit-nation)

The very fabric of our soul can be felt and embodied, it can be created visually, to help us remember a broken innocence, the archetypal quality that we realise we carry and the face that we know we need to share in the world.

In this gathering we will dance deeply and enter a process of mask-making, a deep meditation to connect with the fabric of our soul and what it shows us itself through material forms.

‘The Fabric Of My Soul’ addresses soul retrieval, calling forward parts of ourselves that might have become lost.

Trauma in its many forms, neglect and painful experiences cause that soul loss and so we find the acceptance of that, which enables us to acknowldge the wounds and take new actions, reclaiming positive archetypal qualities in order to learn about who we are and what it is we are here to do.

Always asking that vital question ‘what is mine to do,’ and planting seeds of renewal.

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