Rosie Perks - Movement Medicine Berlin
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Rosie Perks

Rosie Perks

Rosie has always loved to dance and first danced with Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan in 1989. She began exploring Movement Medicine with them when they launched the School in 2006. She is a fully qualified Movement Medicine Teacher and a faculty member of the School of Movement Medicine. She has 15 years teaching experience, including 9 years teaching movement.


Rosie has also completed the School of Movement Medicine Advanced Training in working with the Heart and the SEER Process (systemic essential energy retrieval). She is currently undertaking the Processwork Facilitation for Leaders training with Arlene & Jean-Claude Audergon at CFOR, force for change.


Rosie is also a mother, a wife and a graphic designer. She has a deep love of the earth and all the creatures that inhabit it, and is never happier than when walking her dog or cuddling her cats – or dancing! She grew up in the South Hams of Devon in the UK and finds the land, rivers and seas here to be one of her deepest resources as a Movement Medicine teacher.

Rosie’s teaching is informed by a long and profound relationship to dance, her understanding of our shared humanity, and a fierce love of the earth and all its inhabitants. She offers a space in which to land and explore that is safe, non-judgemental and expertly held, her guidance is both sensitive and clear.


“Rosie offers a safe place, a place of permission, permission to be, to explore, where everything is welcome. This enabled me to go to places I don’t usually go, to take risks I don’t usually take.”


Jasper Drent, The Netherlands