Caroline Carey - Movement Medicine Berlin
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Caroline Carey

Caroline Carey

As a professional teacher Caroline works in many countries around the world and is Guest Teacher of ‘The School of Movement Medicine’ run by Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan whom she has worked and studied with for 18 years. She is a Teacher and Guide and mentor for the school. She is a Shamanic Practitioner and healer and trained in the work of Dr Michael Harner and the Sacred Trust as well as the teacher training in 5’Rhythms with Gabrielle Roth, 2000. She trained in NLP (as a neuro linguistic master practitioner) with NLP co-founder, Dr Richard Bandler. She has been teaching within all of these areas for over 20 years, winning ‘The Sussex Women In Business Sole Trader’ Award in 2011. She has worked as an actress, co-director and editor within documentary film making and also within theater and uses many of these skills in her repertoire.


Caroline is a passionate teacher and guide for dance, personal empowerment and community development. She is an author of three published books about her experiences and teachings of movement, of being a mother to six children and following her own Movement Medicine work and passion. Caroline has worked and studied in the healing arts since 1990. She teaches in Europe, Africa, and UK and is available for workshops worldwide as well as coaching and mentoring.

She developed her own Body of Work called MiddleEarthMedicineWays.

Caroline’s gentle wisdom permeates her classes and she provides a rare and inviting space into deep and beautiful meditation.

Angie Kotler